Startup Studio.

Our startup studio is where we research, test, build and launch new venture ideas by leveraging our internal capabilities and resources across product, design, engineering, legal and commercial.

How We Do it.

1. Concept Sprints

Each venture building project starts with a few weeks of concept sprints, in which we generate, refine, and shortlist venture ideas by conducting desktop research and ideation workshops.

2. Blueprint Development

Once we have narrowed down the list of ideas, we proceed to go deeper through persona mapping, interviews, surveys ,and other intelligence gathering to support viability, especially market demand– is this an important problem to solve for our target customers and are we proposing a viable solution?  

3. Build & Launch

This brings us to the final venture opportunity selected for development, and that’s when we engage our internal development teams across business, product, design, and engineering to plan andstart executing the blueprint development.

4. Operate & Grow

Once/if we get promising traction with initial prototype, business model, and go-to-market approach, we deploy additional resources and capital to scale while continuously and iteratively improving all aspects of the business.